iPod Cases, Gadget Protection, Spy Gear for Kids

To continue from Jen DeLeo’s earlier report: It seemed a lot of the participating vendors at last night’s DigitalLife Press Preview were holding out until the show in October for product announcements; a lot of what we saw wasn’t brand new. Still, I did come across a few things that were new to me, at least, and had fun shmoozing with fellow press and vendor reps.

And the cheese was swell!I enjoyed checking out the spy gear for kids from new company Wild Planet; shown at left is a rep wearing the Digital Spy Camera sunglasses. The lens swings out from the side of the sunglasses, and you click a handheld remote to take a surreptitious shot (640 by 480, sadly). They also had a Spy Video Car, and RC care with a build in video camera and “infrared night vision,” along with a headset screen on which you watch the action; just guide the car into the room you want to spy in and hope no one pays attention to it. The Spy Camera will be around $29.99 and the Video Car will go for around $99; they’ll be available in time for the holidays.The iFrogz iPod case display was very eyecatching (at right, click to enlarge). You go to to the company’s site and choose from a huge variety of color combinations and screen covers to create your own case.

iPod Cases, Gadget Protection, Spy Gear for Kids

The case (called Wrapz) is $24; the band that goes around the edge is $4; and the screen cover kit is $6. Also for iPod protection, as well as for many other gadgets, is the InvisibleShield: It’s made of very tough, thin, transparent plastic that’s precut to fit your device and keep it free from dings and scratches. Parrot was there showing off several of its Bluetooth-enabled devices, including the Photo Viewer (shown at below left); you can beam photos to it from your cell phone (or laptop), and it holds around 100 shots; the high-res LCD looks great. These go for a hefty $274.80, but if you’ve got disposable income, they’re very gee-whiz.Finally, this isn’t a gadget, but it’s kinda cool: United Online, a “consumer Internet and media service,” is offering free Internet phone numbers; they recommend you use these numbers for those occasions when you don’t want to give out your home or cell number. You can check your voice mail from any phone or from a Web message center. If you want, you can get SMS alerts when a message comes in for you. Caller ID and call blocking are included. If there’s a catch, I couldn’t find one. I’m signing up!

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