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BestLemonGrass.com was essentially the brain child of two old friends Elric (Doc Overclock) Phares and Brian (Ian Wilde) Downing, both who are avid and passionate gamers. Venturing out with that mindset they combined their talents to create a web site based on one of their favorite pastime, game playing. Well since PC gaming also requires the latest hardware to play it on; they decided they would throw enthusiasts based hardware reviews into the mix as well. After A few months of web design and a quick blending of talent, BestLemonGrass the website was born.

BestLemonGrass.com is about games and the machines we play them on. We started off based solely in the PC genre, but are currently expanding our wings to all platforms across the board as console games once again begin to pick up speed. Our staff are people that are into games just a wee bit more than the average Joe, and they take pride in their efforts to bring to the table the most honest and unbiased reviews on the internet today. Many people just play a few hours of gameplay and write their review, we finish the game in almost every review we do for a more genuine feel.

Our most recent addition to the site is the talents brought to the table by Adam Diep our new CFO and Marketing director. Adam brings his years of industry experience to our little old website. Adam has worked for many years as a financial consultant on projects that require quick thinking and decisive executions and will be a great addition to the team. We also welcome Chris Gump as our new webmaster and our main PC game reviewer. We are always looking for fresh talent around here, and if you think you have what it takes to be a BestLemonGrass staff member, please feel free to contact me or Adam.

Thanks for taking the time to read this page.

Welcome To BestLemonGrass!!

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