The New Game Purchase Gateway?

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What makes a game good enough to be purchased on its release date? Is it trailers, video of the gameplay or demos? How about total game integration in PS Home? Killzone 3: Defender started this trend last year by turning the Central Plaza in Home into a war zone, with gamers having to defend the area and its citizens. This didn’t interest me because I haven’t been into first person shooters since Rainbow Six on the Playstation 2. I know it was a big game. I know the graphics are incredible, but that still didn’t do it for me.
The Uncharted 3 space seems like it fits perfectly with the game. Not only the environment, but the mini-game “Fortune Hunter” gives a great idea of how the Uncharted series is played. The use of total game integration in this instance would definitely interest me in purchasing “Uncharted 3.” Others who haven’t had a chance to play it and have only seen trailers, after visiting this space, I suspect they’ll be emptying their wallets.

gatewayThe usage of total game integration with “Dead Island” and “Street Fighter X Tekken” didn’t persuade me to buy them. There wasn’t a problem with either of those spaces in Home, but because of the first person aspect in Dead Island, and I have never been a Street Fighter fan. I loved “Tekken”, the gameplay style of “Street Fighter” doesn’t interest me. My favorite fighting games are the first “Mortal Kombat” for Sega Genesis, “Bloody Roar”, “Tekken 3″ from the original Playstation console, and the “Soul Caliber” series.
Let’s not forget pre-order bonuses. Along with the total game integration they help games to sell. Now that Home offers these bonuses, it helps gamers to not have to drive around town to GameStop. Especially if they don’t have one near them. Another marketing tool is the extra rewards you get in Home. Extra weapons, skins, codes for secret levels, it’s endless. Killzone 3 couldn’t have done it better in Home with the offering of a Helghast Jetpack, with flying action, for your avatar. They did it again for Street Fighter x Tekken where you received the “Boost Gem Trial Pack” once the game was shipped. The Home rewards we received within the other total game integrations were awesome as well. However, if you’re like me, no matter how good they are, most games you just can’t get on the release date because of financial reasons. Although, there are those that are worth it. One upcoming title I would sell my soul for starts with three letters and ends with a Roman numeral. I believe the total game integrations along with pre-orders through Home, will bring more consumers to purchase those specific titles. I Am Alive will be released on all platforms at the end of the month. Killzone 3 already created an apocalyptic feel with Central Plaza, so a dedicated space and a pre-order bonus would be nice. Maybe you have to kill a certain amount of the hostile survivors from the game within a limited amount of time to receive Home rewards. Max Payne 3 will be released in May. A space dedicated to that title with TGI and pre-order bonuses?! Need I say more?

Avengers vs X-men – 1,2 Spoiler Alert

Brian Michael Bendis and John Romita Jr working on the same project almost guarantees unparalleled awesomeness. Brian Bendis is responsible for fleshing out some of the hottest stories in the Marvel Universe, and JRJR, much like his namesource is one of the best sequential story tellers that’s ever put a pencil to paper.

avengers vs xmenHere’s the story so far, Nova one of the members of the Intergalactic Nova Corps crash lands in NewYork city, when the Avengers arrive on the scene he says “Its coming” and then lapses into a coma. Thor and Iron Man are dispatched into deep space on a recon mission to find out exactly what the is coming is. Mean while  the X-men have a student that goes by the name of Hope. In a training session with Cyclop’s, a familiar power mysteriously emerges from her, it’s the Phoenix Force! DaDaDAAAAA…
As it turned out, the Phoenix Force is on it’s way to earth and the closer it gets the more powerful Hope becomes. If you’re unfamiliar with The Phoenix, this is the symbiotic entity that took control of Jean Gray and almost destroyed the planet. And this is where the line is drawn in the sand. Cyclops, current leader of the X-men see’s the return of the Phoenix Force as sort of the second coming, believing he can harness the power by training Hope to control the entity (go figure). Captain America and the Avengers think this is the worst idea ever conceived and attempt to take the girl by force. It was about that time that all hell broke loose.
Spiderman and Wolverine (Yeah Wolvie’s fighting as an Avenger on this one) break away from the action sneaking behind enemy lines attempting to covertly kidnap the girl, but when they find her they realize that the Phoenix force has a firmer hold on her than they thought. She puts Spidey and Wolvie down without breaking a sweat and makes a run for it. So there, now you’re up to speed.
Brian Bendis does a great job fleshing out the story and allowing each character to breath. For example when all of the action kicks off Luke Cage delivers a one liner that was hilarious (to me anywayz). “How come nobody told me Cyclops was this Damn crazy?”. That is, crazy enough to use his optic blast to blow the crap out of Cap! Brilliant panel hats off to JRJR.John Romita JR, in my opinion has never been the greatest pin-up artist, but the way he delivers the story on a panel to panel basis is immaculate!